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HDMI to Mini-HDMI 3m Cable €8.20
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HDMI to Mini-HDMI Monitor/TV Cables (Type A to Type C)

Useful for connecting your TV or monitor to a device which has a Mini-HDMI socket rather than a conventional full size HDMI port.


  1. High quality HDMI to Mini-HDMI cable (Type A to Type C)
  2. Gold plated contacts for increased conductivity
  3. Fully moulded connectors for maximum reliability
  4. Conforms to HDMI version 1.3 standard
  5. Perfect for Intel NUC monitor/TV connection

HDMI has become a ubiquitous video connection standard in recent years and although its connector is relatively compact, some equipment manufacturers are now using a smaller style “Mini-HDMI” socket on their devices in order to save space. Mini-HDMI is electrically compatible with HDMI, the only difference being the size of the connector. Mini-HDMI is commonly used on small devices such as video camcorders and ultra compact form factor computers such as Intel’s 4th Generation NUC.

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“Absolutely Fantastic Company!”

“I have waited 4 months before writing this review as I wanted plenty of time to assess my new machine.

Firstly, the company. Incredibly helpful with advice prior to placing any order and when I placed the order (a month later), the person who helped me through my spec (I think he was called Simon) was so conscientious that he advised me against an i7 processor as it was not necessary for my usage and to go for an i5. On that point I didn’t take his advise but on all other items I did.

I had an email advising when my machine was ready for shipping and, even though I live in France, the Currier delivery was very quick, and free!

Now the Machine! My old computer was 7 years old, only had one fan (processor) and three three internal hard drives. My new one has four fans, an SSD and two other internal hard drives. The old one sounded like it ran on diesel - this one; I have to put my ear against it to hear anything! And with the SSD, and a faster processor, everything loads much quicker.

Ever since the first time I pressed the start button I have enjoyed every moment of this new toy. Thank you Quiet PC”

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